Unique Restoration Ltd. started out in the province of Ontario in 1984 and has developed an outstanding reputation within the industry for high level of service, workmanship and professionalism.  Unique Restoration serviced some of the largest buildings, commercial properties and residential complexes in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and within the entire province of Ontario.

In 2008, demand for a professional building maintenance and restoration company was needed in the province of British Columbia.  Unique Restoration Ltd. fulfilled that need by opening a building maintenance and restoration company branch in Burnaby, British Columbia.  By maintaining the same high standards of quality workmanship and professionalism, Unique Restoration Ltd. is now one of the largest building maintenance and restoration company in the cities of Vancouver, Coquitlam, New Westminister and Victoria, BC.


Why Use Us

Unique Restoration Ltd. is a professional corporation experienced in building maintenance, restoration and structural repairs.  Expert knowledge, understanding the client's needs, a commitment to schedule, minimizing the inconvenience to building occupants, and the honouring of warranties has allowed Unique Restoration Ltd. to ensure the complete satisfaction of each and every client.


Our mission at Unique Restoration is to deliver an unparalleled service with the best value, safety and customer satisfaction in mind.


We accomplish this by competitively bidding on projects and respecting our clients' financial budgets and timeline restrictions.  Additionally, we commit ourselves to the integration of sustainable materials and the application of leading edge technologies which ultimately benefit both our client and the environment.

Surety & Certifications

When working in and around occupied buildings and parking structures, safety is our first priority. As such, our employees receive comprehensive training in Construction Safety, W.H.M.I.S., Fall Protection, Suspended Access, First Aid and other courses to ensure the safety of fellow workers and the public.


Workplace Safety and Insurance Board


CertifiedAll our personnel are covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.  We provide current WSIB clearances for each project at hand.


Surety and Insurance


The Zurich Insurance Company of Canada acts as surety for Unique Restoration Ltd. We are capable of providing Labour and Performance Bonds as well as Material Payment Bonds in support of our contracts, in the millions of dollars.


Unique Restoration Ltd. makes every effort to stay current with the new trends and technology in the restoration industry. We believe this process is best achieved through meeting, talking to, and working with other people and companies throughout this, and other industries.


Unique Restoration Ltd. is proud to be involved with these associations.